• Our Services

    Product Marketing Services

    1. KMG boasts of its ability and unrivalled expertise to offer solutions to increase your Sales.
    2. Are you failing to clear the stock in the warehouses due to a Poor Sales structure?
    3. Have you failed to breakeven in your Daily, Monthly and Annual Sales?
    4. Are you facing a challenge of effectively distributing your products?
    Kingston Marketing Group offers you a full package ranging from the Expertise, the structures, well trained human resource and effective Supervision to enhance the Marketing and Distributing of your products to the customers through creation of sustainable B2B and B2C structures in the market place.

    Marketing Management Consultancy services

    KMG prides in its expertise and experience to offer the best Advisory and Consultancy services in Organizational Marketing Management.

    We offer you relevant guidance that enables companies re-organize, equip and strategically position the organizational Marketing resources in order to gain irresistible visibility in the market place.

    In today's age of digital marketing, content is becoming the new currency which businesses are promoting themselves with. Customers now expect to visit a website rather than just be sold to, they want to be educated, informed or entertained; which is why no matter what industry you are in, you need to think and act like a publisher.

    However, creating content is just one part of the whole content marketing process (albeit a very important one!) There are a number of extra steps you need to take in order to maximise your ROI and utilize your content to generate leads for your business.

    Distribution of manufactured goods

    Kinston Marketing group assures you of the ability to help in designing a consolidated distribution plan for you to enhance profit making and wide distribution of your products.

    KMG also has the resources and the networks to enhance distribution of the Client’s products through creation of Business to Business and Business to Consumer networks that will at the end of the day enable the client to penetrate and conquer the market.

    Staff Trainings

    Every Organization desires to have the best and well equipped and most empowered staff in terms of Skills, Motivation and Attitude among others.

    KMG has mastered the art and science of Organizational Human resource needs.

    Using a package of the best Coaches, well experienced trainers and the Most Impactful Motivational Speakers in the market, KMG guarantees Organizations and employers of Training and Team Building packages that will revitalize Performance, Attitude, Team Work, Focus, Motivation through empowering Organizational teams with Relevant physical, corporate, psycho and professional skills.

    Through organizing staff retreats where we offer different packages in form of trainings and Team Building activities, KMG is able to mould and remodel the organizational staff to be Reliable Human Resource that guarantees the employers of good performance from employees hence the returns that come along with a good team.

    These range from Communication, Customer Care, Sales, Attitude adjustmen, Marketing, Team Work, Organizational skills, The Art of creating Raving funs among others.

    Offshore Sales Support Services,

    As your reliable Offshore Sales Strategist, KMG provides you an option of having an effective marketing product and a well trained Sales team without having to hire a Sales team in the organization.

    Well aware of the Clients’ Sales and Marketing needs, KMG guarantees the Client of offering, supporting and supervising the Sales team without the client going through the hustle of hiring Sales staff in the company. This option has saved many employers the cost of hiring, sustaining and supervising the Sales team as well as the inconvenience, pressure and detail that comes with it.

    On the other hand, KMG brings along the expertise and content of effectively supporting and already existing in-house sales team to achieve over and above the expected organizational targets. In case the employers are having trouble supervising the internal Sales team, failing to break even from the sales despite the heavy expenditure on the, KMG comes in as your guardian angel to help you realize value for money and investment in the In-house Sales team through supervising, supporting and empowering the team with skills that will deliver over and beyond the expectations of the employers.

    KMG believes that an empowered staff is a powered staff so we guarantee you of effective support and supervision of your internal team as an Offshore Sales strategist.

    Branding, Online Marketing and Advertisement advisory

    Knowing that Brand management and Brand visibility is important in the market place with its impact on the company’s final sales, KMG offers advisory services to organization in the field of Advertising, Online Marketing and Branding.

    With its various packages, KMG offers proffessional guidance and recommendations that are customized to suit the client’s needs and budget.

    Other Services:

    1. Events Management of Workshops, Tradeshows and Expos

    KMG also carries out different events that help in creating a favorable platform and interface for the Producer to meet the Consumer.

    This is designed to give platforms and environments to both parties to meet, greet and interface as well as get any necessary help depending their different needs.

    These are through Expos, Tradeshows, Workshops which also highly give an opportunity for Business growth and development through exposure to the market place.

    2. Motivational Speakers and Coaches

    KMG also boasts of its professional team that comprises of different Motivational Speakers and coaches that can be called upon any time to motivate, train educate or empower audiences of any structure with tailored themes to their needs and requirements.

    3. Professional Masters of Ceremony (MCs)

    We also have professional Masters of Ceremonies (MCs) who can be hired to facilitate different events that include but are not limited to:

    1. Weddings
    2. Corporate dinners
    3. Traditional ceremonies like Introduction and GiveAway parties
    4. Company events
    5. Rallies
    6. Music shows